Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Favourite Slot Machines

Many players have their favourite slot machines. The reason for this is that it may have once given them a really good payout. The player must realize that these payouts are totally based on luck and being there at the right time. The same slots machine that gave a good payout to one player has taken the money off another player. Having a favourite slots machine is not a bad thing but it should be based on the fact that the player enjoys playing the game and because the gaming style suits you. Even slots that have in the past given you some good payouts will one day stop paying you and you will end up feeding the slot machines dead money. So choose the machine on the basis of game play and not on its history of payouts.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Steam powered Steampunk Slots

Steampunk indoor slot machine - gas mask needed
Slot machines also known as fruit machines, slots and pokies, have been around for over a hundred years. The evolution of the slot machine has evolved so much that a huge and heavy machine that would take a number of strong people to carry, can now literally be held in the palm of your hand when you are playing mobile slots. Online steampunk slots can be played for real money and also for free. The slots can even be played directly from the internet browser with no need to download them at all. The introduction of progressive slots has meant that we have come a long way from the original slot machine and the few coins that were the player’s payout. Nowadays, the player has the opportunity to play and win over a million dollars, a win that will literally change his life overnight.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Safe Bet: Slot Machines

A slot machine is considered a safe place for a player to play if they do not wish to interact with other people, or in the case of online slots, the computer dealer. There is such a variety of slot machines that there is a slots game that will fit every budget. If the player is careful with his bankroll he is able to enjoy the slots game for many hours without going over his budget. Some of the more popular slot machine games are based on famous TV shows, such as the I Love Lucy slots. There are also slots that are based on celebrities like the much played Tomb Raider wand its protagonist Lara. Different nationalities and countries have their own slot machine history and game style. The slot machines in England are based on the fruit machines that were often found in the British pub, the Australians are particularly fond of slots in Australia they are known as pokies.

This video shows a great example of explaining the 5-reel slots machine game called Great Griffin Slots:

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Groovy Blackjack strategies

Splitting is one of the best options available and something that many strategists suggest as a good action in their Blackjack strategy. A split when playing Blackjack can be made only if the two cards of the player which are dealt hold the same value. If a player does choose to split, he must have enough budget left in order to cover another bet, the same value as the first one. In other words a split is basically adding another hand of Blackjack. When playing multi hand Blackjack, the split option offers many exciting propositions as each hand within the game can potentially be split offering double the amount of hands to play. Where possible, players should always try and split if they hold two cards of the same value and have enough of their personal budget left.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Koala Climbing Australian Online Casino Faster than winners

Watch your winnings climb like a hyper-active koala bear.
The history of the Australian online casino began way back when the first settlers stepped foot off their boat. No Sooner had their feet touched dry land and they were gambling on horse racing. Later on this was followed by lotteries as the Australian people really like to gamble. The Australian online casino is very popular among many Australians. The online casinos have been quick to capitalize on this and many online casinos have emerged, offering hundreds of online casino games to suit every taste. The Australian online casino prides itself on being able to cater to every player and his budget. You can play online pokies for just a few cents or wager big bucks at the blackjack table. The Australian online casino never closes its doors so it can be enjoyed anytime of the day or night.

The online casino is already a well established gaming forum where players can enjoy casino games that include slot machines and table games together with access to poker rooms and specialty games. Depending on which online casino players have chosen to play at, they can choose to download the online slots and other casino games or they may be able to play a good selection of them through the flash casino, also known as the instant casino. An instant casino is one that is played directly from the web browser of the casino where there is no need to download the games, the quality of the graphics of the games is very high together with excellent sound and of course the ability of every player to access the games and online casino from any computer around the world as long as he remembers his user name and password.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Learn Blackjack Strategies

The Black Diamond Strategy for Blackjack

A blackjack strategy that is often used when playing the game of blackjack is known as card counting. This strategy however is not used when playing the casino game online only when it is played in a land based casino. This blackjack strategy is used to gain an advantage over the house and it basically involves the player keeping track of how many high value cards as opposed to low value cards are left in the deck. If there are more high value cards than low value cards in a show the player is said to have an advantage as the player is then more likely to get a blackjack and the dealer is more likely to go bust. A lot of low value cards will suit the dealer as they are less likely to go bust.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Online Roulette - European Vs American Wheel

Online Roulette Samurai
There are a number of useful tips that may help the online roulette player have a better chance at winning when playing this popular online casino game. If there is a choice over European or American roulette casino games, always go for the European roulette wheel. The reason for this is simply that the American wheel contains an extra pocket which will give the casino more of a house advantage. Another popular tip that is given when playing online roulette is to double your bet after every loss. The reason behind this strategy is so that your first win will recover all previous losses plus a profit equal to the original bet. Another strategy that some online roulette players use is to bet on a specific number for 35 consecutive spins. This is said to give the player a 60% chance of winning at online roulette.

A bit about progressive slots and online slots at the online casino

Well, Do You?
Progressive slots are a particularly popular online casino slots game at the online casino. The attractiveness of the game lies in the fact that the jackpot itself is not fixed but in fact is growing all the time. Every time any player plays at the particular progressive slots game, the jackpot will grow. Many players would claim that online slots lie at the heart of the online casino. The very nature of the slots means that they are easy way to unwind after a hard day of work. Online slots are an integral part of online gambling. The initial bet that the player makes is usually low which means playing online slots is an inexpensive way of online gambling with a large potential reward. The much publicized stories of players who won big jackpots playing online slots is also a big pull.