Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Maze of the Zebra

Black And White Zebra Maze
Zebra Maze - Click here for solution
Everyone has some down time around the house. While some people are content to watch tv or movies and sit on the coach eating potato chips, scientific evidence suggests that activities that involve the mind and cognitive thinking are essential. That’s why working in crossword puzzles, suduko, online casino games, and such is so important. Even playing with your pet cat can help give you greater peace of mind and make you more relaxed. The highly strung characters that we all end up seeing usually can be counted on never to do these things. But you are in charge of your own leisure activities. Some people enjoy getting books of mazes. And the latest mazes can be quite difficult to complete. For another challenge, try a puzzle. Not one of the small ones but one with 500 or even 1,000 pieces. If you can finish that -- and it may take many months, you will have a tremendous feeling of accomplishment. The other great things about these type of activities is that you can pick the time to pd them. If you are a morning person than do some puzzles and word games as soon as you get up. Otherwise after lunch is a good time. Or you could set them aside until you are ready for bed and then finish them up. Your schedule is all up to yup and you can decide what suits you best for playing these types of games. You don’t have to finish when you stop.