Thursday, March 21, 2013

Make it Blackjack, Make it Online

h the letterHave you ever put your blackjack skills to the test against other online casino players? Have you ever tested your luck in a real multi-level blackjack competition? Today's online casino gives you the chance to do both when you sign up for a high-energy and engaging online blackjack tournament. The blackjack tournament is open to all gamers, no matter what their level of gaming skills. Gamers can sign up for a Sit and Go Tournament which begins whenever a specified number of gamers have signed up to play or a Scheduled Tournament which starts at a pre-determined day and time. The online blackjack tournament rules vary but in general each tournament presents a specified number of rounds with a pre-determined number of hands in each round. Players are divided into groups and they can place any wager that falls within the limits of the betting schedule. The gamers compete against each other in a tournament, not against the dealer, and at the end of the round the winners go on to the second round where the betting limits are higher. There are generally three rounds of blackjack play in a blackjack tournament with an increase in each round's betting limits. At the end of the tournament the winner receives the tournament prize.   

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Virtual Reels for Real Money, Online slots it is

casino art of online slots cliff hanger spin
Online casino gamers will benefit from a wide range of casino incentives which are available to players when they sign in to play at the online casino. New players can pick up a lucrative Welcome Package which is presented to them as soon as they sign up for their free personal casino account and select their first game. The Welcome Package offers a 200% total bonus on a gamer's first four casino deposits, meaning that no matter how much the gamer decides to bet, the casino will meet his deposit with a match bonus. For gamers who have been playing at the Internet casino for awhile, the Loyalty Points program is available to award valued veteran players extra gaming credits. Gamers receive Loyalty Points every time that they sign in to play any of their favorite games. The Loyalty Points present the player with extra points at a rate that is proportional to the amount of time that they play, meaning that they actually earn cash back incentives every time that they sign into the casino to play for real money prizes. Additional casino promotions are also presented including gaming credits for specific games or games played on a specific day or during a specific season.