Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The full Giraffe

giraffe userPlaying online casino games involves experimenting with various wagering systems to add spice to your game and help you organize your casino adventure into a more manageable experience. Some of the most favored wagering techniques include probability-based strategies such as the the D'Alembert system, the Progression system, the Martingale system and the Labouchere system. A popular betting system that is gaining attention and adherents at online casinos throughout the world is the prime numbers system. The prime numbers betting technique is not a probability system. The theory is based on the idea that prime numbers are "special numbers" which have mathematical properties that no one quite understands, but which many people recognize. No one is sure when or where the prime number betting theory evolved but it plays a significant role in casino activities as gamers try to leverage the wagering system and increase their success at the gaming tables. Prime number betting is a favored system for table games and card casino games where a wagering schedule is in place but is not applicable to slot machines or lotteries where victories are random. Casino advisors are not uniformly for or against prime number betting systems. They see the odds of prizes being given away for prime number bets as being relatively similar to those awarded for non-prime number bets. However, many casino consultants note that such betting systems may help players create a more orderly gaming experience which is an important component of any online casino event. Casino consultants also see a correlation between the prime number betting system and low-tech gaming activities including word searches, crossword and jigsaw puzzles and mazes. Puzzles and mazes involve numerous mathematical concepts that promote more competence in problem-solving, enhanced programming capabilities and better analytical skills. Advisors suggest that casino gamers prepare for their gaming events with "warm-up" exercises of puzzles or mazes before signing in to the online casino to play any of the games -- including both prime-number betting games and non-prime number games. In all instances casino consultants remind players that the best way to boost their percentage of casino gaming victories is to practice new games in the casino's Free Mode before signing in to play for real in the Real Mode.
maze of giraffe op art
Maze of Giraffe - Psychedelic op art - Maze Solution Found here

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Interesting Mazes of Prime Numbers

Maze of prime number 29
Maze of 29 - Solution to maze here
You’ve always been someone who is on the go. Whether you’re going out with friends or you’re going to get errands done, you never leave anything for the last minute. These days, however, you enjoy doing your errands and being on the go even more than you used to because you never have down time or boring time. There is always something exciting at your side since you have the online casino and the mobile casino to enjoy. You can whip out your iPhone or your iPad when you want to enjoy awesome poker or blackjack games (or so many others) and you can play them while you’re waiting for your dry cleaning to be done or while you’re at the grocery store checkout line. And then when you get home, you can curl up with your cat and continue to enjoy these awesome games. All of it combines to make it fun for you to be out of the house, and fun for you to come back home and to greet your cat and get ready for your evening it. Have a blast with the casino games of your choice at your side at all times.

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