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Top 10 Reasons A Monkey Is a Better Pet Than A Cat or Dog.

Top Ten List: Reasons monkey makes a better pet than cat or dog:

Maze of Monkey Dog
Monkey Dog Maze - SOLUTION
  1. Monkeys are able to climb up a tree AND back down. Dogs pretty much cannot climb up any tree other than the most basic, and cat's have a knack for climbing trees and then getting stuck up there, with a cliché result often being that the fire-department needs to come rescue the poor kitty.

  2. Monkeys Can Even Have Their Own Pets. While is is not unheard of for dogs and cats to get along, it is virtually non-existent that one actually fully takes care of the other, but with monkeys, there are several well documented instances in which monkeys adopt and care for a cat or occasionally even a dog.
  3. "Sorry, gotta go home and let out my monkey" is a WAY better excuse to get out of a jam. Going to walk the dog or change the kitty litter is just about the lamest excuse out of a social situation, but throw the word "monkey" in the mix and it conveys a jungle like situation that everyone has to rave about.
  4. Monkey art of hot air balloon ride.Monkeys Throw Feces, in the GARBAGE. Getting rid of poop is the less glamorous side of owning animals. Monkeys are known for throwing their soft, stool for a range of reasons. With some simple training techniques, you can train your pet monkey to dispose of his/her unmentionables, and even wash their hands afterwards.
  5. Monkeys Can Gamble For You: There is established research in which monkeys learned about money, and then proceeded to gamble with the money. Surprisingly, monkeys gamble with the same monkey-brain habits of humans. It is plausible, that you could set up an online casino account, and then let your monkey press the controls of a pokies game or something mindless like that. The monkey may be entertained, and you might even win some money. I would not recommend it with high amounts, as most likely the monkey will loose in the long run. The house always wins rule applies even for monkey gamblers.
  6. Monkeys Are Funny. While dogs certainly have a strong personality and cats
    groovy man monkey dude
    have a distinct royal view of themselves, there is nothing quite as comical as a monkey. Even mention of the word evokes laughter or a smile. Their human like features that are so different in reality triggers the laughing part of our brain. Nothing better than a funny pet.
  7. Need pet toys? Monkeys can play with all baby toys. Rather than spend a fortune on unique and speciality toys at a fancy pet shop, created for your dog or cat, you can simply buy baby toys for your pet monkey. No need to even worry about it, as their small little hands have almost the exact dexterity as human youngsters. With the safety feature of lacking small parts already built in.
  8. Three Words: Monkey Tea Party.  Just think of all the benign activities that if you included a monkey in them, suddenly become hilarious. Making A Sandwich. Paper Airplane Races. Monkey In The Middle. I think you get the idea :)
  9. The eat Bananas. While a dog or cat will bankrupt you with their expensive and unusually specific dietary needs, a monkey can be given a whole banana, and it will peel it and eat it on their own recognizant. Even the rest of their diet is fairly easily maintainable, with basic access to a supermarket.
  10. Everyone remembers "The Monkey". Calls to the Vet, social instances, etc. Everyone remember, "the guy with the monkey". And it usually brings a smile to their face. By having that instant recognition, it makes your life much easier.


Maze Solution the Monkey Dog Maze

Maze solution

Some Funny Cat & Monkey MEMES

chilling monkey and cat
Meme of a monkey and a cat JUST CHILLIN'

furry friends cat and monkey
Furry Friends Meme of Cat and Monkey

meme of kitten and gorilla
Seriously Human! Why you don't sit next to kitty on that chair?

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