Monday, December 26, 2011

Horse Racing Artwork

Horse racing is not really part of Casinos, but makes great artwork, although some casinos, even mobile casinos offer gambling on the horse racing odds

A gamble to the finish line - Horse Racing Artwork

While horse racing offers great gambling experience, they also make fantastic works of art.

  An interesting point to ponder that a popular casino artist pulled to my attention is that when he is drawing a subject matter, he captures their essence in a moment frozen in time. People have an entire range of emotions and moods that show various parts of the human psyche. But horses, they have a pure and innocent running soul, head into the wind so that they can feel the air flowing between their mane. For this reason horses have been the subjects of artworks in a variety of genres and art movements. This artwork you see here glorifies horse racing but in a way that minimizes the definition of the rider, and really shows off the pure spirit of the galloping horse.

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