Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Online Roulette - European Vs American Wheel

Online Roulette Samurai
There are a number of useful tips that may help the online roulette player have a better chance at winning when playing this popular online casino game. If there is a choice over European or American roulette casino games, always go for the European roulette wheel. The reason for this is simply that the American wheel contains an extra pocket which will give the casino more of a house advantage. Another popular tip that is given when playing online roulette is to double your bet after every loss. The reason behind this strategy is so that your first win will recover all previous losses plus a profit equal to the original bet. Another strategy that some online roulette players use is to bet on a specific number for 35 consecutive spins. This is said to give the player a 60% chance of winning at online roulette.

A bit about progressive slots and online slots at the online casino

Well, Do You?
Progressive slots are a particularly popular online casino slots game at the online casino. The attractiveness of the game lies in the fact that the jackpot itself is not fixed but in fact is growing all the time. Every time any player plays at the particular progressive slots game, the jackpot will grow. Many players would claim that online slots lie at the heart of the online casino. The very nature of the slots means that they are easy way to unwind after a hard day of work. Online slots are an integral part of online gambling. The initial bet that the player makes is usually low which means playing online slots is an inexpensive way of online gambling with a large potential reward. The much publicized stories of players who won big jackpots playing online slots is also a big pull.